We are SEBA S.A., a Company founded in 1958 in the town of Elorrio (Vizcaya-Spain). Since our foundation we have been dedicated to the manufacturing and supplying of precision machined equipment, assemblies and components, in different materials, in small and medium series, for the international industry in the automotive, industrial vehicle and renewable energies sectors (wind and solar), rail, construction, naval, iron and steel, machine tools, etc.

During our more than 60 years of history, we have been firmly committed to innovation and continuous improvement to become a benchmark company of machining.

The permanent search of competitiveness and our orientation to our customer have led us to a technological evolution in production means and our value chain.

We are a young workforce, committed, focus on the customer, experienced, with high qualification and with knowledge of the sector
We offer total integration of the value chain, managing all the key resources for the implementation of new parts, sets and equipment goods. With our manage, we reduce the number of suppliers in the value chain.


Develop integrated solutions of parts and machined assemblies, giving value to customers, employees, and shareholders by consolidating a team with a high capacity for technological innovation.


Be the medium-sized trusted company with a global focus on the supply chain with which to develop all kinds of integrated solutions of parts and machined assemblies.